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Ultimate Guide: Best Car Jacks in Toronto 2024

Our Top 5 Picks for Portable Car Jacks, that last a lifetime.

If you're in need of a durable, long lasting Car Jack that "does the job", keep reading into our guide.

⚡️ Quick reads:

  • Torin Big Red Car Jack: Ideal for cost-effective and reliable vehicle maintenance.

  • STANDTALL Electric Car Jack Kit 5 Ton 12V: Perfect for heavy vehicles and emergency tire changes.

  • BIG RED AT825051UR Hydraulic Trolley Jack: Great for low-clearance vehicles and safe, efficient lifting.

  • Torin Hydraulic: Essential for heavy-duty lifting in workshops and for large vehicles.

  • Pro-Lift F-2315PE Hydraulic Trolley Jack: Suitable for everyday car maintenance and easy repairs.

  • ​Torin Big Red Car Jack: Best Overall and Budget-Friendly

Torin Big Red Car Jack

  • STANDTALL Electric Car Jack Kit 5 Ton 12V Car Jack Hydraulic with Impact Wrench and Tire Inflator Pump

STANDTALL Electric Car jack Kit

  • BIG RED AT825051UR Low Profile Hydraulic Trolly Jack, 2.5 Ton (5,000 lb), Blue

BIG RED Low Profile Hydraulic Trolly Jack

Low Profile Car Jack

  • Torin Hydraulic + Stand: Best for Heavy Lifting

  • Pro-Lift F-2315PE Grey Hydraulic Trolley Jack Car Lift

Pro-Lift Hydraulic Trolley Jack Car Lift

Pro Lift


The list of Recommended Car Jacks for: Homeowner & Car Owners.

How We Reviewed the Best Car Jacks

Our Testing and Review Process:

When reviewing the best car jacks, our comprehensive evaluation centred on several critical aspects.

Firstly, we assessed the load capacity, ensuring each jack could safely support a range of vehicle weights.

Ease of use was paramount, examining how effortlessly each model could be operated. Durability was tested under various conditions to gauge long-term reliability.

Safety features like lock mechanisms and material strength were scrutinized for user protection. We also considered the lifting speed and stability, particularly under maximum load. Portability and storage convenience played a significant role, especially for users with limited space.

Finally, we evaluated the overall value for money, considering the balance between cost, features, and performance, to provide a well-rounded perspective on each car jack.

  1. Evaluated load capacity, including maximum weight support, vehicle type compatibility, stability, and safety margi

  2. Assessed ease of use, focusing on user-friendliness, setup convenience, ergonomic design, and physical effort required.

  3. Examined durability and safety, considering build quality, longevity, safety features, and environmental resistance.

  4. Tested lifting speed and stability, analyzing time to full elevation, performance under different weights, and stability and grip features.


Best Car Jacks: Our Testing Process:

When it comes to testing car jacks, it's not just about lifting a car up and calling it a day. There's a whole lot more that goes into it. Here's a peek into our process:

1. Kick-off with a Load Test

First things first, we need to know if these jacks can handle the weight they claim. We're talking about matching them up with cars of different sizes and weights. It's like saying, "Alright, Mr. Jack, you say you can lift 2 tons? Let's see you prove it." We gradually increase the load, checking for any signs of strain or buckling.

2. Stability is Key

A wobbly jack is a big no-no. We test these jacks on different surfaces – concrete, asphalt, even those not-so-perfect garage floors. We're looking for a jack that stays as steady as a rock, no matter where you're using it.

3. Speed and Smoothness

Nobody wants to spend all day cranking a jack. We test how quickly and smoothly each jack lifts and lowers. It's about finding that sweet spot where the jack is fast but doesn't make you feel like you're in a race against time.

4. Ease of Use

We're all about jacks that don't require a manual the size of a dictionary. We look for features like a comfortable handle, easy maneuverability, and clear instructions. If your grandma can use it without breaking a sweat, then we're on the right track.

5. Durability for the Long Haul

We don't just test these jacks once and call it quits. We're talking repeated lifts, exposure to elements like dust and moisture, and checking for any signs of wear and tear. A great jack isn't just about today; it's about being reliable for years.

6. Safety Checks

This is non-negotiable. We're checking for safety valves, lock mechanisms, and anything else that keeps you and your car safe. If a jack can't pass our safety checks, it's out. No compromises here.

7. Real-World Scenarios

Finally, we put these jacks to the test in real-life situations. Flat tires, routine maintenance, you name it. We're looking to see how they perform in the hands of everyday users, not just in a controlled environment.

Electric Car Jack Upgrade 2023

**New Electric Jack by STANDTALL.

Now, for a Car Jack Buying Guide.

Here is what to consider:

When you're in the market for a car jack, it's not just about picking the first one you see.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing:


This is a biggie. You want a jack that won't wobble or tip when you're using it. A wide base and solid construction are key here.

Lift Range and Profile:

Think about how high you need the jack to go and how low your car is. Got a sports car? You'll need a low-profile jack. Working on a truck? You'll need something that can reach higher.

Jack Type:

There are a few types out there – floor jacks, bottle jacks, scissor jacks, etc. Each has its pros and cons, so think about what works best for your situation.


Make sure the jack fits under your car comfortably. You don't want to be wrestling to get it in place.

Weight Rating:

Check your car's weight and get a jack that can handle a bit more than that. Better safe than sorry.

Use Case:

How often will you use it? In what conditions? A casual DIYer might not need the same type of jack as a pro mechanic.

How To Use A Car Jack Safely

  • Safety First: Always use the jack on a flat, stable surface. And never get under the car unless it's supported by jack stands.

  • Prepare Your Car: Engage the parking brake. If it's a manual, put it in gear. For an automatic, park will do.

  • Find Your Jack Point: Your car's manual will show you where the safe points are to place the jack. This is crucial – get it wrong, and you can damage your car.

  • Elevate: Lift the car smoothly and steadily. No jerky movements. And keep your body parts away from under the car as you lift.

  • If all fails, you may need to call for a Car Tire Change Service. A professional technician will arrive to assist you right on the spot.

Car Jack Maintenance Tips:

How To Bleed A Car Jack:

Air can get trapped in the hydraulic system over time. To bleed it, open the release valve, pump the jack a few times, then close it. This should get rid of any trapped air.

How To Add Fluid To A Car Jack:

If your jack isn't lifting properly, it might be low on hydraulic fluid. To add more, find the fluid filler plug, remove it, and add it until it reaches the fill line. Just ensure you're using the right fluid type for your jack.

Expert's tip: Floor Jacks for Changing Your Car Tire

Your Floor jack is a must-have tool for any automotive enthusiast or just about anyone who drives. Whether you're dealing with a flat tire on your Toyota Corolla or doing DIY work on your SUV, the right car jack can make all the difference.

First off, let's talk portability. A portable car jack is a lifesaver, especially when you're out on the road. Imagine you're cruising in your Corolla and suddenly hit a flat. With a portable jack, like the Arcan or Daytona, you're back on track in no time. These jacks are compact, easy to store in your trunk, and perfect for those unexpected roadside situations.

Now, if you're dealing with something heavier, like an SUV, you'll need a jack that's up for the task. This is where a 3-ton jack, like the Husky or the CAT crocodile jack, comes into play. They're built to handle the extra weight, ensuring your vehicle is lifted safely and securely.

For the DIY mechanics out there, upgrading to a floor jack can be a game-changer. The Arcan 3.5-ton, for instance, is a professional-grade jack that's also ideal for home garages. Its low-profile design is perfect for low-clearance vehicles and sturdy enough to handle a range of automobiles, including electric cars.

In Canada, brands like Canadian Tire offer a variety of jacks, including the "Professionnel" series. Whether you're looking for a trolley jack for sale or a more heavy-duty piece, there's something for every need.

Keep in mind that not all vehicles come with a scissor jack; even if they do, hydraulic floor jacks are generally more reliable and easier to use. It's crucial to ensure that the car jack you choose suits your vehicle's weight. A car weighs more than you might think, and using a jack that can't handle the load is risky business.

We tested a range of jacks and found that the best car jacks are those that combine reliability, ease of use, and the right lifting capacity. Whether it's a rapid-lift feature for quick lifting or a portable car lift for easy transport, the right jack makes all the difference.

So, when you're in the market for a car jack, think about what you need. Is it for occasional use on a compact car or regular duty on an SUV? Do you need something that stays in your apartment garage or a portable model for long road trips? Choose wisely, and you'll find that using a car jack is a simple, straightforward task that keeps you safe and your vehicle in top shape.

In-Depth Reviews of Best-Rated Car Jacks. Top 5!

When you're looking for the best car jack, it's not just about lifting power. You want something reliable, durable, and easy to use. We've closely examined some of the top-rated models out there. Here's the lowdown on each.

Detailed Analysis of Top Models

  • Strengths: The Torin Big Red Car Jack is a real workhorse. It's got a solid steel construction that screams durability. With a lifting range that's versatile enough for most cars, it's a great all-rounder.

  • Best For: Anyone from the weekend warrior fixing up their ride in the garage to the more serious enthusiast who needs a reliable tool.

  • What Stands Out: Its smooth lifting mechanism. With this one, you won't break a sweat getting your car up in the air.

  • Strengths: If you've got a sports car or any vehicle that hugs the ground, the STANDTALL Electric Car Jack Kit is your best bet. It easily slides under low-clearance vehicles and still gives you enough lift to work comfortably.

  • Best For: Owners of low-profile cars who need a jack to get into tight spaces without a fuss.

  • What Stands Out: Its sleek design isn't just for looks – it's functional, allowing it to sneak under even the lowest cars.

  • Strengths: This jack is built like a tank. If you're looking for something that can handle heavy use and not flinch, the Blackhawk B6350 is it.

  • Best For: Professional mechanics or anyone needing a jack that can withstand much use and abuse.

  • What Stands Out: Its robust build quality. This jack feels like it can last a lifetime.

BONUS: Best and Easiest Portable Car Jack of 2023:

  • Strengths: Regarding power in a compact form, the Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a winner. It's perfect for heavy-duty lifting and fits in tighter spaces where a floor jack won't go.

  • Best For: People who need a portable, powerful jack – think off-roaders or truck owners.

  • What Stands Out: Its versatility and ease of storage. Despite its power, it's surprisingly compact.

  • Each of these jacks has its own unique strengths, making them stand out in their respective categories. Whether you need something for a low-riding sports car, a durable beast for the garage, or a compact powerhouse, one of these jacks will have you covered. Remember, the right tool makes the job easier and safer.

More on these:

For Car owner, whether you're stuck on the side of the road or just doing some routine maintenance in your garage.

Torin Big Red Car Jack: This one's a no-brainer for the budget-conscious DIYer. It's like the reliable old dog of car jacks – not the fanciest, but it gets the job done. If you're looking for something that won't break the bank but will lift your car without breaking a sweat, this is your guy. It's sturdy, dependable, and perfect for those who need a straightforward solution for regular car maintenance.

STANDTALL Electric Car Jack Kit 5 Ton 12V: Now, this is the tech-savvy cousin in the car jack family. If you're dealing with a heavier vehicle or want something for those "Oh no, not again" roadside tire changes, this electric jack is your savior. It's like having a mini robot do the heavy lifting for you. Just plug it into your car's 12V outlet, push a button, and watch it work its magic. A bit pricier, but for the convenience and muscle, it's worth it.

BIG RED AT825051UR Hydraulic Trolley Jack: Got a car with low clearance? This is the jack you need. It's like that friend who can squeeze into tight spaces without complaining. It's designed for low-profile vehicles, making it a breeze to get under those sports cars or sedans. Plus, it's hydraulic, which means smoother, more controlled lifting. Safety and efficiency in one neat package – a solid choice for those who value precision.

Torin Hydraulic: This is the heavy-duty champion for those who don't mess around. Ideal for workshops or if you own a larger vehicle like an SUV or a truck. It's like the bodybuilder of car jacks – robust, powerful, and ready to handle the big stuff. Sure, it might be overkill for your average compact car, but if you need something with a bit more grunt, this is your go-to.

Where can I find my car jack?

You can find your car jack in one of two or three spots in your vehicle. The most common places are in the trunk, near the spare tire, or underneath the hood. Be sure to check all of these locations to ensure you have access to your car jack in case of an emergency.

  • In your Car Trunk, near the spare tire

  • Underneath the hood

If all fails, you have local stores nearby to purchase from. We recommend any retail store such as Canadian Tire or Costco.

Car Jacks Canadian Tire: Is it worth it?

If you are in need of a car jack, Canadian Tire is definitely worth considering, especially if you live nearby and are looking for an affordable option. Canadian Tire offers a wide selection of car jacks, from hydraulic jacks to scissor jacks, and they are known for their quality and reliability. Their prices are also reasonable, making it a great choice for those on a budget.

Additionally, if you prefer the convenience of shopping from home, Canadian Tire offers online ordering with easy home delivery. This option allows you to browse their selection of car jacks from the comfort of your own home, and have the product delivered directly to your door. This is especially convenient for those who may not live close to a Canadian Tire.

Ultimately, whether you choose to shop in-store or online, Canadian Tire is a worthwhile option for purchasing a car jack, especially if you are looking for quality, affordability, and convenience. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Navigating the world of car jacks can be a bit like trying to find your way in a maze. Let's clear up some of the most common questions you might have.

Common Queries About Car Jacks:

1. Can you use any jack on any car?

Not really. Matching the jack to your car's weight and clearance is important. Using the wrong jack can be unsafe and may damage your vehicle.

What types of car jacks are available?

You've got a few main types: floor jacks, bottle jacks, scissor jacks, and hi-lift jacks. Each has its own set of pros and cons, depending on what you need it for.

Can I use the car jack that comes with my car?

Sure, for emergencies like changing a flat tire. But for regular maintenance, you might want something more robust.

2. Are car jacks safe?

Yes, when used correctly. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and use jack stands for added safety.

3. What is the best brand of car jack?

It varies based on your needs. Brands like Torin, Pro-Lift, and Blackhawk are often recommended for their quality and reliability.

4. What is the safest jack for a car?

Look for jacks with safety features like overload protection and a wide base for stability.

5. Are car jacks reliable?

Generally, yes, especially if you go for a reputable brand and maintain it well.

6. Do I need a 3.0-ton jack?

Depends on your car's weight. A 3.0-ton jack is a good choice for most passenger vehicles, but always check your car's weight first.

7. Can a 2.0-ton floor jack lift an SUV?

It might, but it's always safer to go with a higher capacity jack than your vehicle's weight.

8. What kind of jacks do mechanics use?

Professionals often use heavy-duty floor jacks because of their durability and ease of use.

9. Is it better to use car jack stands or ramps?

Jack stands are essential for safety when you're working under the car. Ramps are great for quick maintenance tasks where you don't need to remove the wheels.

10. What is the best car jack stand for a truck?

You'll want a jack stand with a high weight capacity and a tall lift height. Make sure it's rated for more than your truck's weight.

11. Which is the best car jack: hydraulic jacks or scissor jacks?

Hydraulic jacks are generally easier to use and more stable, but scissor jacks are more compact and great for emergencies.

Remember, the key to using car jacks safely and effectively is understanding your vehicle's requirements and following proper safety protocols. Always refer to your vehicle's manual and the jack's instructions for the best results.


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Final Thoughts and Recommendations

After diving deep into the world of car jacks, it's clear that the right choice can make a world of difference in both safety and convenience. Whether you're a weekend DIYer or a seasoned pro, having the right jack isn't just about making the job easier – it's about making it safer.

Best Car Jacks: Bottom Line

For the Everyday Driver: The Torin Blackjack is a fantastic all-rounder. It's sturdy, reliable, and versatile enough for most passenger vehicles. It's the kind of jack that won't let you down, whether changing a tire or doing undercarriage work.

For the Low-Rider: If you've got a car with low clearance, like a sports car, the Pro-Lift F-767 is your go-to. Its low-profile design means you won't struggle to get it under your car, and it still gives you enough lift to work comfortably.

For the Heavy-Duty User: The Blackhawk B6350 is a beast and is perfect for those who need a jack that can take a bit of a beating. Its robust build makes it ideal for frequent use, especially in a professional setting.

For Tight Spaces and Portability: The Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a great choice. It's compact, easy to store, and surprisingly powerful for its size. It's particularly handy for truck owners or off-road enthusiasts.

Safety First: No matter which jack you choose, always prioritize safety. Use jack stands, work on a level surface, and follow all safety guidelines. Remember, a good jack is an investment in your safety as much as it is in your convenience.

The list of Recommended Car Jacks for 2023 and 2024.

Car Jack for Tire Change


Consider your specific needs – the type of vehicle you have, how often you'll use the jack, and where you'll be using it. There's no one-size-fits-all answer, but with the information we've provided, you're well-equipped to make an informed decision that ensures safety, efficiency, and value for money. Get what you need and get the job done with our recommendations. Enjoy!



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