Flatbed Vancouver Towing

When to Use a Flatbed Truck

Every type of modeled tow truck is used for different circumstances when it comes to towing. The Flatbed is a larger framed bodied towing vehicle built to tow a variety of vehicles. It is also the safest way to transport.

Flatbed tow trucks are specifically used to transport machinery, exotic vehicles, exotic sports cars, motorcycle and of course larger vehicles such as buses or other transport cars.

  • Classic Vintage Vehicles

  • Machinery

  • Exotic Vehicles

  • Exotic & Expensive Sports cars

  • Small Buses 

  • Boats

  • Motorcycles


Flatbed & Safety 




The safety measures between using a flatbed vs regular tow truck can definitely make a difference.


Typically a regular tow operator hauling a vehicle away hooks the vehicle on an angle allowing that car to use up the back tires as it is being dragged along to the impound yard. Of course, on the way, the towed vehicle might experience some wear and tear due to any debris encountered on the road.


Another reason why flatbed towing is used purposely for long haul journeys is to maintain low odometer reading. Exotic Sport Cars mainly use flatbed's as this is a main concern which may cause wear and tare as well.







Special Vehicle? 

We'll Pick up your Vehicle.

We will make sure to pick up your special case vehicle with a flatbed if needed. If you are in the Greater Vancouver area or Lower Mainland including Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, Ladner, Surrey, Tsawwassen area, we'll help you now. 

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