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Car Repair

Flat Tire Change Service

Does your vehicle have a flat tire?
From Flat Tire Change Service, Tire Swap, Air Up Service or additional convenient roadside help, let's select the best option for you.

Need a Tire Change?
Get Tire Change Service Now.

Has your tire lost air or has been punctured? Call for our Flat Tire Change Service now. By changing your flat tire to your spare time at a immediate response, it would prevent further damage to your vehicle on the road. Flat Tire Change Service would require customers to own a Spare Tire and have it on hand. Along with any locking wheel nuts and parts in order for the technician to proceed with service. If all fails, a technician may tow your vehicle to the closest Canadian Tire

Need more air in your Tire?
Get Air Up Service.

Did your car battery die unexpectedly? There are several factors involved as to why your battery failed completely. Generally, our technicians will use standard voltage to revive the car battery. Depending on the size of your vehicle and battery, the duration of time on site may vary. If all fails as a last resort, we may arrange a tow to your mechanic for a complete battery replacement.  

Size of Vehicle?
Request for heavy double-battery boost.

Request for heavy double-battery boost for camper vans, food trucks, 1 tons, 3 tons, 5 ton vehicles or machinery. The duration of the procedure can take a little as 10 minutes up to 1 hour of boosting. For more information on Jump Start or Battery Boost Service click here.

Are you a Roadside Member?

Pay now to get faster service & get reimbursement later.

Get Roadside Assistance now.

Why wait 2-3 hours for Roadside Assistance even if you are a Roadside Member elsewhere, we can assist you within 15-30 minutes. If you are a member of either BCAA, CAA, ICBC, Canadian Tire, Costco, ESSO, Allstate, Access, Sykes or DAA Roadside Assistance, get service now with TTN and submit your claim for reimbursement later!

Select your Roadside Service.

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Get Your Free Quote In 2 mins.

Searching for a quote? Use our Online Booking System to schedule a roadside service now.

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