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Car Lockout Service.

Locked keys in your car?
Retrieve your car keys at an
emergency response. Call now for roadside help, let's select the best option for you.

Local Dispatch Centre 24/7

Locked Keys In Car?
Get Lockout Service.

Have you lost or locked yourself out of your vehicle?  Unfortunate events happen. Call today for a automotive locksmith technician to unlock your car door. We have you covered within a 15-30 minute response time. Our professional automotive locksmith technicians are trained and equipped to unlock your car door scratch and damage free. For any situation, we have options to retrieve your car keys. Please note: only the driver's and passenger's door can be unlocked. The trunk of vehicle's cannot be opened. Call a automotive locksmith today. 

Car Locksmith.
Get Car Locksmith Service.

Searching for a Car Locksmith or Automotive Locksmith Service? We have you covered. At TTN Roadside Assistance our high quality car locksmith service & technicians are fully trained and insured to unlock your car today, damage free. Call today with your location and vehicle model on hand to receive emergency car locksmith service. 

Car Lockout, 20 min ETA.
Request emergency lockout service and receive faster service immediately to your location.

Why wait? At TTN Roadside Assistance, we focus on emergency services as an option to our members and customers in need of car lockout service. Our current ETA can be as little as 20 minutes. If you vehicle is unable to be unlocked, we can provide other services such as towing your car to the closest automotive shop or your dealership for alterations. 

Are you a Roadside Member?

Pay now to get faster service & get reimbursement later.

Get Roadside Assistance now.

Why wait 2-3 hours for Roadside Assistance even if you are a Roadside Member elsewhere, we can assist you within 15-30 minutes. If you are a member of either BCAA, CAA, ICBC, Canadian Tire, Costco, ESSO, Allstate, Access, Sykes or DAA Roadside Assistance, get service now with TTN and submit your claim for reimbursement later!

Affordable Lockout Service?

We can unlock your vehicle or tow your car the closest mechanic shop near you for a quick alteration.

At TTN Roadside Assistance, our technicians are equipped and skilled to unlock your vehicle. Please note that the technicians can only unlock the driver and passenger front doors, not the trunk door.

Cost of car lockout service and other roadside services all depend on your location and current condition of your vehicle. In certain situations, we can attempt to unlock your vehicle, however if all fails we can also tow your vehicle to the closest Canadian Tire or mechanic shop of your choice.

Unlock Service.
Call for more information.

If you find yourself without roadside assistance available to you or unavailable car locksmith service nearby, we advise to to phone into our contact center in order for a representative to help you with solutions to your issue. Please be aware that professional help is highly recommended for your safety when performing a car lockout or battery boost service. Call TTN Roadside Assistance today for emergency unlock service & roadside services of under 15-30 minutes.

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