Light Duty Towing

  • Underground Towing

  • Local Towing Service

  • Sedan Towing

  • Light Duty Tow Truck

  • Long Distance Towing

Light Duty Towing

At TTN Roadside Assistance, our front line tow trucks are light duty tow trucks due to the small convenient size. Light Duty Tow Trucks are used on a number of occasions depending on the situation at hand.

Generally, Light Duty Tow Trucks are used for city to city short distance tows, underground parkade towing and also carry tools and additional equipment on board encase of other possible services needed. Such as Car Lockout services or Battery Boost. Typically, Light Duty Tow Trucks tow smaller sized vehicles from point A to B with ease. If needed, some trucks also board Dolly's for any SUV's or all-wheel-drive vehicles needing towing.

  • Small Car Towing

  • Underground Parkade Access

  • Short Distance Towing


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