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Tow Truck Vancouver Pricing & Cost

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All locals are looking for two factors. The most affordable towing service and the quickest tow truck nearby. Typically tow trucks vary price all depending on a few details given from the customer to the dispatcher.

The main factor is the size and type of vehicle it is that needs to be towed. For example, a small sedan will obviously cost less than a front wheel or all wheel drive vehicle only because of it's size and less labour involved to load and unload the car or vehicle. Small sedan's for example, are priced depending on the tow truck company you're inquiring from. Most tow truck companies in vancouver,richmond and burnaby price their light duty tow truck services anywhere from $55.00 to $95.00.

As a customer, you may have an SUV, all wheel drive, 4x4 or small truck and this typically is when the pricing becomes a little higher. When customers call in to inquire for a quote, details are needed before giving an estimation. Again, for any larger vehicle above a small car, a flat deck is needed to be dispatched instead of a typical light duty tow truck.

There is the odd time when dolly's are needed to be installed as an alternative to using and loading a flat deck tow truck.

We encourage all customers to call in because pricing always depends on the condition of the vehicle or machinery needed to be towed. There are plenty of factors that vary in pricing, which customers cannot compare tow truck company to towing company because each company uses their own equipment and have their own policy standards.

Machinery towing on the other hand, it all depends on the weight of the machine needed be towed, the distance and if it's running or not running.

Larger heavy duty tow trucks or ton trucks are priced per hour and not per km. Typically pricing ranges from $150.00-$170.00 per hour.

All motorcycle towing is needed to be towed on a flat deck tow truck and not using dolly's. This is important for customers to know to ensure that their motorcycle is being towed appropriately and safety.

At Tow Truck Now Services Ltd. Vancouver and Tow Truck Now Services Ltd. Richmond, we price ourselves on great customer service ensuring customer's vehicles are towed correctly and safely along with affordable tow truck pricing in vancouver and the entire lower mainland.

For any additional questions and towing services, please call our vancouver, burnaby or richmond office.

Vancouver 604-256-8586

Richmond 604-359-5661

Burnaby 604-334-0535

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