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When To Use Flatbed Towing Service?

Flatbed towing services are a critical service for any motorist who has experienced a breakdown or accident with their vehicle. While traditional towing methods involve towing a vehicle with all four wheels on the ground, flatbed towing involves using a specialized truck with a flatbed trailer to transport a vehicle.

This method of towing is preferred for a variety of reasons, including the ability to transport larger vehicles, minimize damage to a disabled vehicle, and provide a safer and more secure towing experience. In this blog, we will explore when a flatbed towing service may be needed and why it is an essential service for any driver to have access to.

In this post you learn the following...

  1. What Is a Flatbed Towing Service?

  2. Why Is a Flatbed Tow Truck Recommended?

  3. How Much Does Flatbed Towing Usually Cost?

  4. Is It Safe to Ride Inside of Your Vehicle While It's Being Towed?

  5. Can I Request for a Flatbed Tow?

  6. Looking For a 24 hour Flatbed Tow Truck Service? Here's What To Know.


What Is a Flatbed Towing Service?

A flatbed towing service is a specialized type of towing service that we offer to transport disabled or damaged vehicles. With flatbed towing, we use a flatbed truck with a hydraulically lifted trailer to load the vehicle onto the bed. Once it's securely fastened, the entire flatbed is lowered back onto the truck chassis, and we transport it to its destination, whether it's a repair shop, junkyard, or another location.

Flatbed towing services are a great option for drivers of larger vehicles, such as RVs, buses, or heavy-duty trucks, which may be too large or heavy for traditional towing methods. Additionally, flatbed towing provides a safer and more secure towing experience by minimizing the risk of damage to the disabled vehicle, as it is not dragged along the road.

If you're ever in need of roadside assistance, don't hesitate to give us a call. Our flatbed towing services are an essential tool for any driver who needs reliable and safe transportation of their disabled vehicle.

Why Is a Flatbed Tow Truck Recommended?

  1. All-wheel-drive vehicles cannot be towed using traditional towing methods as it can damage the drivetrain. Flatbed towing is the safest and most secure method to transport an all-wheel-drive vehicle.

  2. Broken down vehicles may not be able to move or may have wheels that are locked up, making it impossible to tow them using traditional methods. Flatbed towing eliminates the need for wheels to turn, making it easier and safer to transport the vehicle.

  3. Heavier vehicles such as RVs, buses, or heavy-duty trucks require a larger tow truck and a stronger tow system. Flatbed tow trucks have a higher weight capacity and can handle the weight of larger vehicles.

  4. Flatbed towing is a more secure method of towing, as the disabled vehicle is lifted entirely onto the flatbed trailer, ensuring that it is stable and safe during transport.

  5. Traditional towing methods can cause damage to the undercarriage, suspension, or drivetrain of a vehicle, while flatbed towing eliminates the risk of any further damage.

  6. Flatbed towing is the ideal option for high-end or specialty vehicles, such as sports cars or classic cars, that require extra care and attention during transportation.

  7. Vehicles that have been involved in accidents or have broken axles or frames require flatbed towing to ensure that the vehicle does not sustain any further damage.

  8. Flatbed towing is a versatile method of towing, providing a larger surface area for loading and securing the vehicle, making it an ideal option for vehicles of different shapes and sizes.

  9. Flatbed towing is a safer option when towing vehicles in bad weather or on rough terrain, as the disabled vehicle is not dragged along the ground.

  10. Flatbed towing provides greater flexibility for the customer, allowing them to choose the location where the vehicle is dropped off, whether it be a repair shop, junkyard, or another location.

How Much Does Flatbed Towing Usually Cost?

While some towing companies may offer discounts to members of certain organizations such as TTN Roadside or military personnel, the cost of flatbed towing can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the distance of the tow, the weight of the vehicle, the time of day, and the location of the tow. On average, a local flatbed tow can cost between $115 to $185, while long-distance tows can cost $250 or more.

It's important to note that some insurance policies may cover the cost of a flatbed tow, so it's always a good idea to check with your insurance provider before calling a towing company. TTN Roadside, for example, may have different policies and benefits for their members.

Ultimately, the cost of a flatbed tow will depend on several unique factors. To get an accurate estimate, it's best to contact a reputable towing company like TTN Roadside and provide them with the necessary details such as the location and weight of the vehicle. The towing company can then provide you with a quote for the cost of the flatbed tow.

Can I Request for a Flatbed Tow?

The short answer is yes, you have the option to request a flatbed tow for your vehicle. Towing companies usually have flatbed tow trucks available to cater to your needs.

If you have an all-wheel drive vehicle, a severely damaged or disabled vehicle, or a vehicle with low ground clearance, a flatbed tow may be the best option to ensure your vehicle's safe transportation without further damage.

When you contact a towing company for assistance, be sure to specify that you require a flatbed tow truck. The towing company will then dispatch a flatbed tow truck to your location. It's important to provide the towing company with as much information as possible about your vehicle, including its make and model, and any unique features that require special attention during the tow.

It's also a good idea to check with your insurance provider to see if your policy covers flatbed towing services. Some insurance policies include coverage for towing services, which may also provide additional benefits for members.

Looking For a 24 hour Flatbed Tow Truck Service? Here's What To Know...

6 Key Points:
  1. Research the company: Before hiring any tow truck service, do some research to make sure they are reliable and trustworthy. Look for reviews and ratings online, check their website and social media pages, and ask for referrals from friends and family.

  2. Availability: Make sure the tow truck service you choose offers 24-hour service, so you can get assistance any time of the day or night. Some companies may have limited hours or only offer service during certain days of the week.

  3. Type of tow truck: Flatbed tow trucks are a popular choice because they offer a more secure way of transporting your vehicle. Make sure the company you choose has a flatbed tow truck that is appropriate for your vehicle's size and weight.

  4. Experience and training: Choose a company that has experienced and well-trained drivers who know how to handle your vehicle safely and efficiently. Check if the drivers are licensed and insured, and if the company has a good safety record.

  5. Pricing: Make sure to get a clear and upfront quote for the towing service before agreeing to anything. Compare prices and services from different companies to find the one that offers the best value for your money.

  6. Response time: When you're stranded on the side of the road, you want a tow truck service that can get to you quickly. Look for a company that has a fast response time and can get to your location within a reasonable amount of time.

Will The Tow Truck Charge Me To Take Me Home?

Looking for a Flatbed Towing?

Consider Using A Roadside Hub Like TTN Roadside Assistance. We are partnered with the most credible and trained towing companies near you. Save yourself the trouble of phoning around and take advantage of our services instead!


In conclusion, using a flatbed tow truck in Vancouver is a smart choice when you need to transport your vehicle safely and securely. Flatbed tow trucks are particularly beneficial for heavy or high-end vehicles, as they provide a more stable and damage-free towing experience. Additionally, flatbed tow trucks are versatile and can transport a wide range of vehicles, from motorcycles to large trucks. With their 24-hour availability and experienced drivers, a flatbed tow truck service in Vancouver can give you peace of mind when you need emergency towing or long-distance transportation. So, if you're in need of a reliable and efficient tow truck service in Vancouver, consider choosing a flatbed tow truck for your vehicle's transportation needs.

If all fails, TTN Roadside Assistance is just a phone call away.

International Line: 1-866-891-9884

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