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What Should I Do if My Car is Towed in Vancouver and I Need to Retrieve it on a Weekend?

You've just finished a relaxing brunch with friends in Vancouver, only to find that your car has disappeared from its parking spot. Panic sets in as you realize it might have been towed. The worst part? It's the weekend, and you're not sure where to begin. Don't worry; we've got your back! In this article, we'll walk you through the steps to take if your car is towed in Vancouver on a weekend by Tow Truck Vancouver. So, let's get started!

What you will learn in this Article:

  1. Take a deep breath and stay calm

  2. Locate your towed vehicle

  3. Gather necessary documentation and pay fees

  4. TTN Roadside Assistance

What should I do if my car is towed in Vancouver and I need to retrieve it on a weekend?

Take a Deep Breath and Stay Calm

Your initial reaction might be to panic, but taking a deep breath and staying calm is essential. Rushing around frantically won't help you retrieve your car any faster. Instead, clear your mind and proceed with a clear plan.

Locate Your Towed Vehicle

To find your towed car, you have a few options. First, contact the Vancouver Police Department's non-emergency line (dial 311) or the local tow yard directly. They can provide you with information about where your vehicle has been impounded. You can also visit the official City of Vancouver website for an online vehicle search tool.

What should I do if my car is towed in Vancouver and I need to retrieve it on a weekend?

Gather Necessary Documentation and Pay Fees

When you locate your towed car, be prepared to provide proper identification (driver's license, registration, and proof of ownership) to prove that the vehicle belongs to you. You'll also need to pay towing and storage fees, which can vary depending on the circumstances.

It's important to note that some tow yards only accept cash payments, so make sure to check their payment options in advance. Additionally, towing fees may increase if you leave your car at the tow yard for an extended period, so try to retrieve it as soon as possible.

TTN Roadside Assistance

If you find yourself in a bind and want to avoid future towing troubles, consider signing up for TTN Roadside Assistance. TTN offers a range of services, including towing, tire changes, and jump-starts. Having a reliable roadside assistance plan can save you time, money, and stress when unexpected car issues arise. The experts can also let you know what is Vancouver towing.


In Vancouver, having your car towed on a weekend can be a frustrating experience. However, with a calm approach and the right information, you can efficiently retrieve your vehicle and get back on track. Remember to stay composed, locate your towed car through official channels, gather the necessary documentation, and consider calling TTN Roadside Assistance for further information on whether a tow truck in Vancouver can tow a camper trailer. Don't let a weekend towing situation ruin your day. Follow these steps, and you'll be well-prepared to handle the situation with ease. Safe driving, and may your car never be towed again!

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