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When seeking for roadside assistance services or to tow your vehicle, there are many variables in place in order to get the most accurate quote and pricing that customers are looking for.

The main variables on pricing would be vehicle make, model, year, condition of vehicle, pickup location and drop off location. Please be aware that additional services or fees may apply due to the unknown circumstances on the job which includes distance (kms), equipment needed for the job to be completed safety on the customer's vehicle and any convenient assistance requested. Digging deeper into the circumstances of charges and pricing, dispatchers and technicians cohesively do their very best to provide the most accurate quote possible along with confirming with each customer prior to dispatching out. At TTN Roadside Assistance BC, we encourage our customers to provide as much detail as possible regarding their vehicle and situation. Our technicians are equipped to handle any job at hand. Additional time on the job also adds to final bill, including the need to access underground parking, driving across bridges, tunnels, fuel and long distance ware and tare on fleet service trucks.

Dispatchers are critical towards selecting the best tow truck or service truck for the job at hand. At TTN Roadside Assistance, our dispatchers properly educate our customers and provide estimates that best suit their needs. That being said, customers may also request a specific truck if they choose to.

For standard towing, small vehicles can be towed with a light duty tow truck. Any all-wheel-drive, rear wheel drive vehicles, machinery equipment or motorcycles will be required to be towed on a flatbed or light duty wrecker with dollies installed.

For roadside assistance services which includes lockout service, battery boost and flat tire change. For immediate roadside assistance, please phone in and provide details surrounding your circumstance. TTN Roadside Assistance main line: (604) 256-8586.

Seeking equipment towing services? Machinery towing and Heavy Duty Towing is offered at an hourly rate ranging from $95.00 upwards to $175.00 an hour. The hourly rate begins from the time the tow truck is dispatched from the lot, fulfilled the job and returned to base.

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Office Phone Lines

Vancouver 604-256-8586

Richmond 604-359-5661

Burnaby 604-334-0535

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