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What to do when your car breaks down? Stay safe.

Even when your most reliable everyday commuting vehicle breaks down, old or new, you need to do one thing, stay safe! Depending on the situation, low, medium or high danger, as a driver on the road, keep in mind of these (5) tips we would highly recommend doing while waiting for our towing arrival.

  1. Do not stand on the side of the road. oncoming vehicles might not see you in their line of vision. Step 5 feet away from your car safely on the side of the road so you're visible for others to see you.

  2. Turn on your Hazard Lights. Also if you have a High-Viz Vest, please put it in on, especially at night.

  3. Do not stand in between two parked vehicles.

  4. When you pull over, make sure you pull over properly off the main roads.

  5. Always bring an extra jacket, bottles of water and a fully charged mobile phone in case of these emergencies.

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