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north vancouver towing service

North Van Towing

Emergency Towing Service

a small light-duty tow truck
scheduling to get your motorcycle towed
a luxury car getting towed
a motorcycle loaded onto a flatbed
a heavy duty truck ready for service
car locksmith service when you need it most
affordable battery boost service
underground and garage tow service
carrying a spare tire for tire changing
locked out of your car

North Vancouver Towing

Our towing dispatch serves all cities in the Lower Mainland BC, including Lynn Valley, Upper Lonsdale, Lower Lonsdale, Central Lonsdale, Edgemont Village, Delbrook, Pemberton Heights, Westlynn, Windsor Park, and Blueridge. Our professional towing companies are available for you at any time. We strive to be efficient with short wait times and affordable local rates. 

Towing Services In North Vancouver, BC.

  • basic towing

  • heavy duty towing

  • motorcycle towing

  • roadside recovery

  • long distance towing

  • 24-hour towing delta

  • junk car removal

  • flatbed towing


Roadside Service in North Vancouver, BC.

  • ​car unlock/locked keys in the car

  • flat tire change

  • fuel delivery

  • car jump start battery/battery boost

  • roadside assistance

  • the car won't start




Tow Service in North Vancouver

In North Vancouver, tow service plays a critical role in ensuring smooth traffic flow, assisting stranded motorists, and maintaining road safety. If you need assistance while driving in North Vancouver, know that tow service providers are there to help you. North Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada, is a bustling area with a network of highways, urban streets, and suburban neighbourhoods. As such, efficient tow services are paramount for your convenience and safety.

One of the primary specialties of tow services in North Vancouver is to respond promptly to accidents and breakdowns. Whether it's a minor collision or a vehicle malfunction, tow trucks are dispatched to the scene to remove the disabled vehicles and clear the roadway swiftly, minimizing traffic disruptions and potential hazards. This rapid response helps keep the roads safe for you and other motorists and pedestrians.

Tow services in North Vancouver offer assistance to drivers experiencing vehicle issues such as flat tires, dead batteries, or lockouts. These roadside services provide relief to stranded individuals like yourself, helping you get back on the road quickly and safely. 


What Does a Tow Truck Cost?

If you're looking for the best roadside service with the lowest rates and shortest wait time, discover what our services do for you.

Pricing always depends on the situation, condition, make of vehicle and if and where you would like to tow the vehicle. Typically, dispatch towing will first ask what the situation is and the condition of your vehicle. Generally, to load a vehicle, the average cost is between $65 and $125, depending on the size of the vehicle.

We need to collect important information based on the customer and their vehicle because we want the best for our customers. Typically, the cost of a truck is based on the vehicle and its destination. If it's a small sedan car, it's easier. SUVs and some vehicles are all-wheel drive, so they need dollies.

Now when dollies need to be installed and hooked up, this takes professional skill and is more time consuming. Thus, the quote and cost are heavier prices. Heavy-duty tow trucks and motorcycles must be added onto flat beds due to heavy loads to prevent damage.

Lastly, it always depends on the towing company. However, KMs are added at a fixed dollar amount. Longer distance towing can get heavy in price, so it's always best to know where you're headed before calling in. Our dispatch towing service will search the rough km for you and quote you appropriately. 



  • Lynn Valley

  • Upper Lonsdale

  • Lower Lonsdale

  • Central Lonsdale

  • Edgemont Village

  • Delbrook

  • Pemberton Heights

  • Westlynn

  • Windsor Park

  • Blueridge


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