Private Impounds

Private Impounds


Tow Truck Now Services Ltd. Provide roadside assistance services and Towing, which also includes flat tire changes to the stranded motorists in Vancouver, CoquitlamBurnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, Ladner and surrounding areas. 

If you're wanting to tow a random vehicle or customer vehicle from your business or home lot, please double check any signage along the parking wall. If you do see signage, it means you're building or business already has contracted with a specific local towing company to take on this types of impounds. 

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Tow Truck Now Roadside Assistance

Need to Tow Unauthorized Vehicle From Your Property?


Please double check any signage along the parking wall before calling Tow Truck Now Roadside Assistance. Unfortunately, Our drivers may not be legally allowed to tow any vehicles and impound them. 

Please call the signage or the city parking for help.

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