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What Should I do if My Car is Towed in Coquitlam and I Need to Retrieve it from a Private Tow Yard?

Picture this: you parked your car on a seemingly safe street in Coquitlam, only to return and find it has mysteriously disappeared. The sinking feeling in your stomach tells you one thing - your car has been towed which could be by Coquitlam towing. Don't panic; it happens to the best of us. In this article, we'll walk you through the steps you need to take when your car gets towed in Coquitlam and needs to be retrieved from a private tow yard.

What you will learn in this Article:

  1. Why was your car towed?

  2. Finding your towed car

  3. Understanding the costs and your rights

What should I do if my car is towed in Coquitlam and I need to retrieve it from a private tow yard?

Why Was Your Car Towed?

Before you rush to the tow yard, it's crucial to understand why your car was towed in the first place. Some common reasons for towing include:

  1. Parking violations: Your car may have been parked in a no-parking zone, in front of a fire hydrant, or in a spot reserved for emergency vehicles.

  2. Expired registration or inspection: If your vehicle's registration or inspection has expired, it could be a reason for towing.

  3. Abandoned vehicle: Leaving your car unattended for an extended period can lead to it being towed.

  4. Private property towing: Some businesses or property owners have the right to tow unauthorized vehicles from their premises.

Finding Your Towed Car

The next step is to locate your towed car. To do this, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Remain calm

Take a deep breath and try not to panic. Remember that your car is safe, and there's a process to retrieve it.

Step 2: Contact Coquitlam towing services

Call the Coquitlam Towing Services to find out if your car has been towed and, if so, where it has been taken. You can also contact TTN Roadside Assistance to find out what is Coquitlam towing. Remember to keep your vehicle's license plate number and identification details handy for quick assistance.

Step 3: Gather necessary documents

Before heading to the tow yard, make sure you have the following documents:

  1. Vehicle registration: Proof that you are the owner of the towed car.

  2. Driver's license: Your valid driver's license for identification purposes.

  3. Towing authorization: If your car was towed from private property, ensure you have the necessary authorization documents.

What should I do if my car is towed in Coquitlam and I need to retrieve it from a private tow yard?

Understanding the Costs and Your Rights

Towing your car comes with costs, and it's essential to know what you might be facing:

  1. Towing fee: This covers the cost of the actual towing service to move your car to the yard.

  2. Storage fee: There could be a daily fee for keeping your car in the tow yard.

  3. Other charges: Depending on the reason for towing, you might incur additional fines or penalties.

As a car owner, you also have rights, and it's essential to be aware of them. You can inquire about these rights at the tow yard or seek advice from local authorities.


Getting your car towed is undoubtedly stressful, but by staying calm and following the steps outlined in this article, you can navigate the process more smoothly. Remember to contact Coquitlam Towing Services, gather the required documents, understand the costs and your rights, and consider TTN Roadside Assistance for expert help on what you should do if your vehicle gets towed to a city tow yard. Time is of the essence, so act promptly and efficiently to get your car back on the road where it belongs. Safe driving!

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