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Take 6 Precautions When In Need Of Roadside Assistance When It's Rainy Weather

1. Remain Visible

It’s important to remain as visible as possible whenever breaking down in the rain. Both you and your vehicle become much more difficult to see in rainy conditions, especially at night, so always take the time to turn on hazard lights and side lights, although avoid full beams as they could impair other drivers.

You may want to pack a high visibility vest in your trunk for emergencies, which can be especially useful for remaining visible in the rain when outside the car. Of course, try to remain inside if you’ve pulled over somewhere suitable, although there is always a chance you may need to wait outside for assistance.

2. Keep the Hood Shut

Breakdowns increase during heavy rains due to excessive moisture that can cause engine components to fail. This also affects the electricals and other parts of the vehicle, so don’t bother cranking the hood to try and get to the root of the problem, simply keep it shut and call for roadside assistance.

3.Maintain a Safe Distance and Lower Speed

Pulling over in the rain when something’s wrong with your vehicle is an incredibly daunting prospect. You’re braking needs to be adjusted to accommodate the wetter road surface and avoid hydroplaning, so always make sure you maintain a safe distance from vehicles and lower your speed when pulling over.

You should always maintain a slower speed when driving in the rain, so if you unexpectedly need to pull over the speed should hopefully be lower than normal anyway. Once you stop, put your hazard lights on and call for roadside assistance.

4. Don’t Attempt to Restart the Engine if You’ve Driven Through Deep Water

Heavy rainfall often causes large bodies of water to develop on poorly conditioned roads. Sometimes these are the direct cause of your breakdown, with water intake causing significant damage to the vehicle’s engine.

It’s tempting to try and restart the engine after accidentally driving through deep water but avoid this at all costs. The intake of water may cause the engine to lockup and damage piston rods and valves, so you may do more damage by trying to start the engine again.

5. Enhanced Image

A clean vehicle gives a good impression of you. You can be dressed to impress, but if you step out of a car with dirty windows and windshield, people may not take you as seriously. Your car is basically a representative of you. You may be charming, professional, and smart, but if the windows of your vehicle are covered with dirt and bird droppings, no one will believe you. A clean car with clean windows and windshield will better represent the real you.

6. Improved Driving Safety

Clean windows and windscreen can help you make sure that you have good driving visibility which allows you to plan for any potential hazards. If the windows of your vehicle are dirty, it would be very difficult for you to see the road clearly. Muddy smears on the glass can create blind spots that prevent you from seeing other cars. Keeping your vehicle’s windows clean not only impacts your safety but also the safety of other drivers. Some dirty vehicles are actually difficult for drivers to see.

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