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COVID19. STAY VIRUS-FREE! 3 Active Vehicle Cleanings You Can Do to Prevent Viruses and Spreading

Sometimes we just can’t be bothered with giving it the cleaning maintenance it clearly needs, and it’s not much of an issue most of the time, with some unpleasant smells usually being the worst thing that can happen.

However, it’s now become clear that we need to take cleaning our tow trucks and personal vehicles much more seriously to prevent the development and spread of bacteria and viruses. You may think it’s harmless to have a messy interior, but an unclean vehicle could provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, which can then be transmitted to other people.

Thankfully it’s relatively easy to keep on top of this! Here are 4 things that you can do to your vehicle to prevent the transmission of infectious bacteria and viruses in your vehicle.

1. Disinfect All Surfaces Inside the Cabin

A TTN Roadside Assistance, all technicians disinfect their tow trucks at the beginning of their shift and after. First step, get some disinfectant wipes and use them across all the hard surfaces inside of the vehicle. Basically, anything you are likely to touch when using the vehicle should be cleaned using these wipes, as this will help to kill of bacteria and viruses and prevent their transmission.

Make sure to be thorough with the steering wheel for obvious reasons – it’s the most touched surface inside the car and may harbor bacteria longer than you expect. For instance, it’s estimated that a steering wheel has up to four times more bacteria than on a toilet seat!!

Don’t forget about the various knobs and dials on the electronic systems, shift sticks, indicator sticks, and any of the lesser used surfaces that can still have bacteria build ups. If it’s not upholstery, disinfect it!

2. Use Isopropyl Alcohol for Upholstery

Scrubbing upholstery too hard with disinfect wipes or sprays may damage the material, so you will want to use a different cleaning solution for these parts of the vehicle. Isopropyl alcohol that is a minimum 70% is suitable for killing bacteria on these softer surfaces without leaving any damage.

You won’t need to disinfect the entire upholstery, mainly high-touch spots like armrests, although it may not hurt to give all the surfaces a quick wipe down.

3. Wash Your Hands Before and After Driving

You might be sick of hearing this but it’s still worth mentioning – wash your hands before and after using your vehicle. Use an anti-bacterial hand soap (or hand sanitizer) and thoroughly clean the fingers, palms, and under the nails, as this will help reduce the spread of bacteria to and from your vehicle.

Any time you don’t, you are risking the spread of bacteria and viruses to the handles, steering wheel, and other surfaces throughout the vehicle, so it’s time to be vigilant and start cleaning those hands before and after every journey. The same goes for any passengers!

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