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Driving on New Years 2018/2019

The evening of our beautify New Years 2018/2019 will be good to us.

With the appropriate driving responsibilities in mind, make sure to keep that attitude up especially during the holiday season. Early in 2018, marijuana was recently announced legal in BC. This will be the first New Years where some drivers may indulged more than necessary and get behind the wheel.

Drinking and driving has always been a constant issue. Now we need to be aware of driving high as well.


1. Keep an eye out for your surroundings when you're on the road tonight and during the holidays more than usual.

2. Don't risk drinking and driving, not even a lick!

3. Don't smoke and drive and it will also slow down reaction time.

4. Try to stay out of traffic jams and you can still get into a random bumper to bumper jam.

Have a wonderful and safe drive!!!

- Tow Truck Now Ltd. Towing Vancouver

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