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Uber coming to B.C : Competition, Benefits and Price for Riders?

Competition and Stress

B.C Government is pressured by The Vancouver Taxi Association to put a cap on the number of upcoming Uber vehicles and other ride share vehicles allowed in B.C in order to protect taxi drivers. Arguments are proposed.

Uber has yet to be completely finalized however the provincial government is leaning towards approving Uber and potentially future Rideshare programs. Stay tuned to more news leading up to the big decision.

Price & Benefits

Uber, Lyft and other car sharing programs show to help workers,students and citizens get around. Depending on what company is chosen for service, the fees and price are certainly cheaper than a taxi in the city.

Taxi companies will take a big hit from these organizations being approved in the near future, bad for business. The transportation market has been skimmed for the better. Many city workers, especially those who commute Downtown Vancouver, West End and surrounding areas will drastically be able to utilize car sharing. If not, investing in a bike is always the healthiest choice! Workers commute up from the suburbs into downtown Vancouver and Kitsilano area everyday. Vancouver has strict, expensive and very little 24-Hour parking, which leads to towing in Vancouver and plenty more issues such as private impounds for businesses and city permit parking only. Causing tow truck vancouver services to earn more business from stressful parking situations 7 days a week for outsiders.

In a written statement, the association warned that taking away current municipal boundaries for taxis and giving out an unlimited number of taxi licences will lead to “destructive competition.” Roadside Assistance Richmond.

More Uber stories:

Some drivers have borrowed a large amount of money to purchase licences that would become effective worthless under the new regime, said Carolyn Bauer, spokesperson for the Vancouver Taxi Association.

“After going deep in debt, they have had their economic rug pulled out from under them by the Government,” she said in a written statement.

Bauer says the association will work with the NDP to come up with a fair regulatory model that meets the interests of taxi users while also protecting the taxi industry. Burnaby Towing Services can earn more business.

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