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Leading Cause Of Traffic Deaths In The Lower mainland 2017? Texting & Driving.

vancouver driving and texting 2017

Top 7 Solutions 2017

Advice Given To AVOID Vehicle Accidents to Occur.

Tow truck Vancouver has you covered with informative roadside assistance Vancouver information. Unfortunately, Almost everyone has a smartphone on hand, and literally on hand during traffic, answering that last "important" text message or perhaps you're running late for a meeting. Regardless the matter, the Death Rate in Vancouver,BC and all of Canada has increased through 2016 - 2017.

Please be Aware that RCMP & VPD are Cracking Down on Distracted Drivers.

When Behind The Wheel, Please Double & Triple Check Your Driving Actions.

1. Do routine checks. Keep your vehicle in great working condition and ensure there is a lot of tread left on your tires. Do a visual stroll around of your vehicle to check for harm or anything hindering your auto. Once you're inside, bolt your entryways and affix your seat belt to shield you from being tossed from the auto in case of a crash. Ensure everyone of your travelers are locked in, as well, before you begin driving.

2. Keep your eyes active. Be mindful of your environment. Check your mirrors oftentimes. Filter conditions 20 to 30 seconds in front of you. On the off chance that a vehicle is hinting at forceful or unsafe driving, back off or pull over to maintain a strategic distance from it. Look out for people on foot, bicyclists and pets.

3. Dispose of distractions. Distracted driving is a huge supporter of vehicle impacts. A diversion is any action that occupies your consideration from the errand of driving—talking or messaging on your telephone, fiddling with the radio, putting on cosmetics, managing your kid's conduct, and so forth. Driving merits your complete consideration, so remain concentrated on the driving undertaking.

4. Keep up a safe distance. A safe after separation relies on upon how quick you're voyaging. The speedier you're going, the more space you have to leave amongst you and the vehicle before you. On the off chance that driving conditions are poor, increment you're taking after separation.

Utilize the 3 second rule to keep up satisfactory dispersing with the auto before you.

5. Coordinate your speed to your conditions. Research shows that for each mile every hour you drive, the probability of being in mishap increments. At higher velocities, the hazard increments. Presented speed limits apply on perfect driving conditions. It's your duty to guarantee that your speed matches conditions. Likewise, higher velocities make controlling your vehicle substantially more troublesome if things turn out badly. In any case, driving too gradually can be unsafe, as well — run with the movement stream, driving at the speed that most different vehicles are going.

6. Try not to drive drowsy. By now, you realize that weakened driving is a flat out no-no. Yet, you may not realize that weakness is a type of debilitation, and is a noteworthy calculate vehicle impacts in Canada. Dr. Alistair MacLean has demonstrated that youthful grown-ups who've been alert for 18.5 hours make driving mistakes that are like somebody with a .05 blood liquor focus (BAC). Being alert for 21 hours produces mistakes like .08 BAC. Like plastered drivers, sleep-denied drivers make inconsistent speed and path changes, have impeded response times, and an expanded inclination to drive off the street.

7. Make yourself visible. Many impacts happen on the grounds that drivers didn't see the other auto. Here's the way to make your vehicle more unmistakable, and let different drivers envision your activities:

  • Ensure your flag lights are working. Utilize your swing signs to give different drivers a chance to expect your activities and back off securely.

  • Keep your headlights and tail lights on, particularly at nightfall or if the climate is poor.

  • Guarantee your brake lights are operational. They caution autos behind you that you're backing off, flagging them to diminish their speed, as well.

  • Try not to drive in ranges where the driver before you can't see you—their blind side. Either securely accelerate or back off to stay away from this situation, a typical reason for crashes.


Vancouver towing service with Tow Truck Now Ltd. Canada will be referred to handle any penalties regarding the ability to demonstrate good driving habits on the roads of Vancouver, Lower mainland and all of Canada.

Roadside Assistance with our prompt and fast service enables Tow Truck Now Ltd. Services to arrive at the scene once these actions have been warned. A ticket of $375.00 can be issued to the driver for using a mobile device, Points deducted for poor driving habits and possible vancouver tow truck service and impounding of vehicle in richmond, vancouver, burnaby,new westminster, ladner, langley and surrounding areas.

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