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Car Battery Died? Can't Start your Car? ​ Top Reasons Why & Solutions. ​

In Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas, motorists have come to rely on vehicles that are reliable,conveniently sized and gas efficient. One big problem with older or even newer vehicles is that a failing car battery occurs at least a couple of times per year. Be aware. Tow Truck Now Ltd.'s Vancouver Towing specializes in Jump Starting Vehicles because it is more common than you may think. Our quick, reliable and friendly customer service maintain high moral standards when it comes to work ethics. You will see why so many of our valued customers have come to utilize our services for Roadside Assistance in Vancouver and Richmond, Towing Vancouver Services, and our Cash for Junk Car Removal Program. We maintain affordable costs with all our services, including gas delivery, junk removal, battery jump start, flatbed towing, motorcycle towing and more. Just Call now and Ask! All our towing Operators are experts and fully trained, experienced and skilled professionals that are excellent at problem solving and getting the job done correctly and efficiently. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for emergency situations and are eager to assist you.

Reasons Why?

Tow Truck Now Ltd. Services offers jump start services for motorists who experience auto-battery trouble. There are a great deal of circumstances that can result in your battery tuckering out; extreme weather conditions, age, leaving the lights on or the door ajar just enough that the cabin lights are on, and so many other scenarios can contribute to the battery draining its energy and temporarily being incapable of ignition.

  • Extreme Weather Conditions

  • Tangled or Loose Wiring

  • Age of Vehicle, Truck, Car

  • Leaving the Lights On

  • Door opened ajar and Cabin Lights Are On

  • Old Battery

  • Rebuilt Vehicles or Vehicles with History of Liens


In the Vancouver, Richmond or all Lower Mainland area it is important and a great great idea to always keep jumper cables in your vehicle and know the battery locations in the case of an emergency. If you are not able to jump start your own vehicle due to lack of knowledge, equipment or other reason, always feel free to Tow Truck Now Ltd. Services Vancouver & Richmond Location Now.

HINT: Visit your local gas station, Canadian Tire or Hardware store and make sure to save yourself the hassle when these emergencies occur.

Need Professional Help?

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