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Flat Tire Issue? Fix it or Call For Help? 11 Easy Steps.

Step 1. Get to a Safe Location.

Step 2. Preparation

>Open the hood - leave your hazard lights on. An open hood on the side of the road indicates hazard and makes your car more visible.

Step 3.Always bring a Roadside Kit.

>Screwdriver and plastic lug wrench. >A jack (to lift the vehicle above the ground. >Lug Wrench.

Step 4. Remove the Spare Tire from your trunk.

>Lift the trunk floor.

>Remove Road Side Kit.

>Unscrew Spare Tire Tie Down (this keeps the tire from rattling).

>Remove Spare Tire.

Step 5. For Flat Ground, engage the parking brake.

>Rear Wheel Replacement: put your car in first gear or Leave Parking Brake Off.

Step 6. Free Wheel from Bolts/Lugs & Wheel Caps.

>Using your lug wrench, loosen each lug to break it free. Please do not fully remove at his point.

Steps 7. Set and Place Jack and Raise Vehicle Slowly.

>Raise your vehicle so that there is a little space under your wheel.

Step 8. Fully Remove Lugs, Bolts, and Wheel.

Step 9. Attach Spare.

>Screw back on your bolts and lugs and wheel caps.

Step 10: a Partially lower vehicle with Jack.

>Tighten bolts and lugs while still partially lifted.

Step 11. Finish Tightening & Cleanup.

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